Sunday, December 16, 2012

Say Hello To The Girl, That I Am.

You're gonna have to see from my perspective. Things that I've been told, can't believe what I hear about the world, I realize I'm ooooverprotected.
I'm so not overprotected man, it's Britney baby. :p

So yeah, Assalamualaikum :')

December 16th, 2012.

I'll make this a very quick entry jelah eh sebab dah lama tak menulis, and I had this veryyyyy awkward feeling and you know... Ehem!

1)  Deleted all my old/older/oldest entries.  No, I didn't read that back, it's just that I can feel how immature some posts can be, how immature I can sound, how lame it was.  So there it goes for almost 400 entries... to the trash!  Takpe tak rugi pun, lagi rasa glad adalah.  Just can't figured out yet, kenapa I didn't take action to delete all the posts a year ago dulu.  Haish. 

2)  I should be studying now.  Like seriously, but here I am, buang masa.  Later I'll just cry lah kalau tak jawab nanti :p  But you see, the thing about studying is everyyyyythingggg looks interesting/exciting when you're studying, even the walls and the ants and the fan and the chair and the err... Guess you get the picture already kan?

3)  Ada semut tengah gigit kaki dan ianya sangat menyakitkan sekali.  But too lazy to move.

4)  It's raining heavily outside, haven't got my lunch yet, got nothing to cook at home but too lazy to get out.  First world problem yeah!

5)  I shutted down the internet connection at my phone, promising myself that I'm going to study, it worked for an hour.  Then I had to search maksud this one word dengan bantuan Google (ekhem) and tangan gatal kelik sane sini and here I am stranded with this thing. Crappppp! 

K dah! Promise myself that I'll shut down the laptop at 5.30 p.m.  Janji pada diri sendiri perlu lah ditepati kita sudah 55 tahun merdeka dan saya tak suka makan capati so jangan nak janji dicapati sangat kat sini.